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Japanese Restaurants can be challenging when you don’t consume sugar, lots of hidden sugars in their sauces and dishes (even sushi rice has sugar in it.) But don’t mourn, you can make Japanese food in your own home with this fast, easy, flavorful main dish that non-BLE family and friends will appreciate too. Wasabi Salmon provides your protein and fat for a Bright Line Eating lunch or dinner. 

What is Wasabi? 

It’s that green stuff served on the side of your sushi. It’s a paste made from the root (herb) of a native Japanese plant that is related to horseradish and mustard. This condiment’s hotness is more like hot mustard or horseradish than chili pepper, because it impacts the nose more than the tongue. I don’t care for the heat of chili pepper but I LOVE this stuff! If you love wasabi, like I do, I suggest buying the alternative stronger brand (both are linked below). Really don’t be afraid, this recipe is mild but flavorfully delicious, I promise! Be adventuresome and give it a try.

Why do I say “aloha and howdy” at the beginning of my videos? 

Because I grew up in Hawaii, raised my kids there, spent most of my life there. In 2016, I relocated to Dallas, Texas. Hence the “Aloha” represents my past home and the “Howdy” represents my current home. I love them both! Here at Forkish Habits, I can’t wait to share with you recipes from the diverse cultures in Hawaii that I have reworked to be Bright Line Eating compliant. Hence, sexy food that is flavorful, healthy, and BRIGHT!

Grocery Shopping Made Easier-

  1. Wild caught salmon (I used Keta Salmon)
  2. Primal Kitchen, Mayo w/ Avocado Oil
  3. Sushi Sonic Real Wasabi
  4. Hime Wasabi Powdered Sushi (For stronger flavor)
  5. Eden Foods Furikake Shake

A Few of My Favorite Things-

  1. My Favorite Food Scale


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