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Fool Proof Prime Rib

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Fool Proof Prime Rib for Bright Line Eating from Forkish Habits (plus a bonus)

“To all the carnivores I’ve loved before”…(did you hear Willie Nelson singing?) okay I’ll admit that was cheesy. Today we’re making a recipe that will have carnivores drooling, like my hubby did during the filming of this video! Fool proof prime rib, I’m not joking y’all. This is fool proof, simple! How do I know? My family has made this recipe every year for Christmas dinner as far back as I can remember! It’s been tried and tested over and over! Sadly, I’ve discovered that restaurants often put flour on their prime rib. Be sure to specifically ask your server to check with the chef before you order this at a steak house. My solution, I make mouthwatering Prime Rib this fool proof way at home, then set a fancy table, and get dressed up for a perfect special occasion meal-birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a Sunday night because I love you dinner. Let the drooling commence! 

BONUS- Homemade Fresh Horseradish- soooo yummy!

Prime rib without horseradish, just isn’t the same for me. Love this stuff! If you’ve followed my recipes, you know my mantra “Read your labels.” Know what you’re putting in your mouth. Beware-some horseradish brands have ingredients that you don’t want to be eating, like high fructose corn syrup. In some supermarkets, you can find a clean brand in the refrigerator section. But with the help of Forkish Habits you can make your own, super duper easily!!!!

Grocery Shopping Made Easier-

Braggs Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream
Gold’s Horseradish
Fresh Horseradish Root

A Few of My Favorite Things-

My Favorite Food Scale
My Cuisinart Food Processor

Got Questions about Bright Line Eating?-

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