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About Forkish Habits

Here at Forkish Habits, we follow Susan Pierce Thompson’s Bright Line Eating program. 


Because it truly works! As we follow the four bright lines of eating no sugar, no flour, no snacking between meals, and weighing/measuring our portions (we eat a lot), not only do we release excess weight but we achieve peace and quiet in the food addicted brain, like mine.

“Hi my name is Heather and I’m addicted to food, especially sugar and flour.”

Bright Line Eating isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle-an identity change that sustains weight loss. Ahhhh, exactly what we’ve dreamed of…a brain-based scientifically proven path to happy, thin, and free!

I started my weight loss journey at 320lbs. and now I’m happy, thin, and free-over 170lbs. lost, never to be seen again! I’ve been blessed beyond measure and desire to shout from the mountain tops that you can be as well. So I created Forkish Habits, a website, Instagram, Facebook group, and YouTube Channel, where I can pay it forward by sharing the wide variety of delicious, healthy, bright, and sometimes downright sexy recipes I eat as a crystal vaser (means 100% on program from Day 1). I’m living the dream-I truly believe you can too!

Disclaimer-This is not an Official Bright Line Eating site. But simply a place where those on the program can gather to share Bright Line Eating compliant recipes and supportive food information. The ideas and thoughts are personal opinions and experiences by individuals following the program. For Bright Line Eating coaching and information visit the official website.

Mahalo for joining us at Forkish Habits! I’m so happy to have you here!

My wish for you is that all your health and wellness dreams come true!